mToken 4.3.0

Telnet utility for Pocket PCs

Taking advantages of today's mobile network does not mean you have to abandon your current text-based server solution that you have relied on for decades. Your text-based solution still has endless possibilities. You can even instantly turn it into a powerful mobile solution with mToken.

mToken is not just a desktop to PocketPC converted application! Its developers have designed and built an application that specifically targeted for the Microsoft® PocketPC environment. For example, we have designed a font that can be used to display 40 columns by 25 rows of terminal text without scrollbars crisper and easier to read.

mToken also supports a unique feature called SmartClick. With SmartClick, any word or menu string appeared on the screen can be automatically sent to the server just by tapping the word. Tapping the screen can also send mouse position data to the server application that utilizes X-Window's XTerm mouse tracking extensions. Server applications with such feature can enable users to navigate or use the application just by tapping the screen with a stylus.

Main features of the program include:

  • Supports SSH1/SSH2 with comprehensive connection options
  • Supports TCP/IP Telnet connections
  • Supports direct COM port accessing
  • Supports data modem connections through Microsoft Telephony API (TAPI)
  • Supports XModem Checksum/CRC/1K-CRC upload and download
  • Supports communication data capturing
  • Supports Auto Login

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mToken 4.3.0